Sony HTCT260H Sound Bar Review


Sony HTCT260H Sound Bar ReviewOverview and features: Sony HTCT260H Sound Bar

The Sony HTCT260H Sound Bar is a wireless 2.1 Channel (300W) Subwoofer. The speaker features digital optical inputs, analogy audio and HDMI input/output. The HTCT260H Sony Sound Bar stands out because of its amazing sound quality and heart pounding bass. The speaker’s wireless nature makes setup very easy. In-built Bluetooth offers easy access to music. The HTCT260H Sound Bar is sold with a digital optical cable which makes it easy to connect the speaker to your HDTV. The speaker’s unique design offers optimal sound experience regardless of where it is placed in a room. In summary, the HTCT260H Sony Sound Bar is undoubtedly one of the best wireless subwoofers in the market today. Let’s now shift our focus to the benefits the speaker offers.



1. Amazing sound: The speaker can bring amazing sound to your living room bringing your television experience to life with amazing audio coupled with rich natural sounds and incredible clarity as well as definition in a stylish and compact design. Also, the speaker delivers heart pounding bass as mentioned above.


2. The speaker can fit anywhere: The speaker’s hexagon design allows easy and convenient positioning. It’s entirely up to you to position the speaker anywhere since this doesn’t compromise the sound quality.


3. Superior technology: The speaker utilizes Sony’s virtual surround sound technology delivering very powerful surround sound effects without requiring additional connections to other speakers in a room. The fact that the speaker is wireless saves on space and boosts aesthetics in a room i.e. you have no wires running around your home. The speaker also utilizes Bluetooth audio which allows you to wirelessly stream music from your tablet, PC, Smartphone, music player among any other Bluetooth enabled devices. Very few subwoofers in the market today feature such technology.


4. Tabletop/wall mounting: You can place the speaker on a table top or choose to mount it on the wall using its keyhole wall mounts. There is no need to use separate brackets which makes mounting very easy.


5. Hassle fee installation, easy to use

The speaker comes with user manuals that explain the installation and product usage in a very simplified manner. Also, all components are available to support hassle free installation and use i.e. mounting brackets, a digital optical cable, HDMI cable e.t.c. If you happen to be tech savvy, you don’t need to read the user manuals word by word to set up and start enjoying music.


Customer opinion

According to numerous reviews about the subwoofer online, customers attest to the fact that it produces one of the most powerful bass sounds out of all wireless subwoofers in the market today. Customer reviews also praise the speaker’s stylish design and superior technology. Many customers love the fact that the subwoofer looks very stylish in the living room.

They also love the fact that it is wireless thus there are no untidy wires running around the house. In summary, customers have no notable negative things to say about the wireless Sony HTCT260H Sound Bar speaker. The speaker is highly recommendable to anyone looking for a high-tech wireless subwoofer with outstanding sound quality and bass.

You can buy the Sony HTCT260H Sound Bar Speaker today at $299.99 on Amazon. Used speakers cost $193.13.