Bose® Solo TV Sound System


Do you love watching TV? If most of your weekend and holiday time is spent in front of the TV, watching your favorite movie or playing some enthusiastic game, then get ready for a very dramatically better experience. The kind of sound you get with Bose® Solo TV Sound System is incredible and unsurpassed.

Features and Benefits

Single Speaker Solution: The Bose® Solo TV Sound System is a single speaker solution that goes well with all flat-panel televisions. It can dramatically improve the audio of your TV set, making your movies and games sound incredibly good. Best part is that it requires only one audio cable connection to the TV and one to the AC power outlet.  Simplicity at its best.


Array Technology: This speaker system by Bose® employs Array Technology to produce a wider sound area, distributed evenly throughout the listening area. It features two front-firing drivers, two rear-firing ports and two angled driver.

DSP (Digital Signal Processing): The company uses proprietary digital-signal processing, which enables you to adjust and optimize the sound at any volume level.

Analog + Digital Inputs: Bose® Solo TV Sound System is fitted with two digital inputs and one stereo analog input to let you connect with any TV.

Placement: The best part is that the system can be used in any way. You can use it in the form of a stand for a TV with bases up to 20X10.25 inches and 40 lbs weight. It can be easily adjusted below a wall-mounted TV, large table-top mounted TV, or on a shelf of media cabinet.

Remote Control: The sound system comes with an elegant and simple four-button remote control for volume, power and mute. You can also use universal remote controllers for basic functions. Furthermore, you can use the universal remote to control both speakers and TV to simplify the AV setup.


Bose® Solo TV Sound System is an entry level audio speaker system. The speaker bar is designed for convenient and easy placement. It boasts quite powerful specifications for replacing the TV’s internal speakers.


As with the design, the Solo sports a minimalist and sleek design. Major advantage is that it goes nicely with any make and model of TV. It is designed to deliver the audio improvement you’re looking for in most flat-screen TVs. Given all the features and benefits discussed above, let’s see what customers have to say about the product.